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The A-Team
September 6th, 2014 
10:37 pm - New A-Team Fic
Well, it's not that new, I started writing it in 2011 and just added the last few lines this week.  heh  Getting back into my book has motivated me to post this.  

Title: Their Special Day
Author: Batwoman
Rating: T - Het

Timeline: Takes place after season 5, about 2 years after the Black Star story.

Feed Back: always welcome. : ) Either onlist or email: aaaahbatwomanrun @ yahoo . com (no spaces)

Archived: , LJ

Disclaimer: I don't own Face, BA, Murdock, Hannibal, Stockwell, the Abels and anyone else I'm forgetting. I'm just playing with them and will put them back unscathed when I'm done.

Author's Notes: I had started this story in 2011, the same year I started writing my book. I had most of this written before I put it aside. I hadn't decided to publish it until recently. Getting back into my book (which I had put aside the same year I started writing it) I gave this a second glance and decided to post it. This has not been betaed, so any mistakes are all mine. I hope they are minor and don't detract from the story.

Description: Murdock and Briana Stockwell are back, and this time it's their big day.

February 1990Collapse )

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