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The A-Team
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13th-Mar-2011 12:02 pm - This is too fun not to pass on
The title for tomorrow night's Chuck episode...

Chuck vs The A-Team

lol  Too bad it's not the same A-Team but they at least did the other A-Team joke once before where Casey talked about his old team, known as the A-Team and it started sounding like the narration for the show so much so that Chuck picked it up and continued the narration.  lol
3rd-Mar-2011 05:28 pm - So... I'm new!
Trust your feelings.
I saw the movie on Dec 31st, finishing it up at 11:30pm! LOL

I just got the complete series off ebay for $21 bucks! :D

I'm nearly done with season two and I was wondering...

What do you guys imagine Murdock's imaginary dog Billy looks like?

Judging from his first "appearance", the way he easily jumped into Murdock's arms, I would say he's a fairly small dog... But that's my opinion! And I've only seen the one episode featuring him.

I hope we "see" more of him!
25th-Feb-2011 02:01 pm - Ship Manifesto


I was checking the Ship Manifesto site and was surprised . . . perhaps shocked to discover that there was a large fan base for a Face/Murdock pairing. Read more...Collapse )
15th-Feb-2011 01:45 pm - Zines anyone?
My beta emailed me today and suggested I print my fic in a zine.  I have two other zines out now, both are NCIS MFU crossovers.  I hadn't planned or thought about going the zine route with this fic but she said it would make a good zine.  She being the one that published the other two zines.

SO... before I decide either way, would anyone here be interested in buying a zine to read my story?  I know you're unfamiliar with my works but you can easily find my stuff on ff.net and the MFU archive, as well as the two zines still in print.  The advantage of a zine is it would be on paper, with images and formated slightly differently than it is online.

EDITED With Description of Story

My story takes place about a year after the show ends, it explains what happened that led the team to be burned and working for Stockwell.  Without getting into too much detail, the team learns that Stockwell had good reasons for burning the team and a new understanding of him.  There is a mission in all of this and it focuses more on Murdock than the others. 

that probably sucked but it's the best I can come up with right now, at least without giving too much away.
13th-Feb-2011 11:50 am - Movie Transcript?
BA & Murdock by littlebitcloser - ateam
Does anyone know where a copy of the movie script or a transcript of the movie is online? I've been looking and can't find anything.
6th-Feb-2011 05:36 pm - Help?
A-Team - Face/Murdock otp
I need a list of episodes with the best Face/Murdock moments (entire episodes, scenes, even just a little tiny clip)

Spam me with comments please :D

x-posted to quite_dwight and dishing_thedirk
1st-Feb-2011 10:24 am - Top Ten (10) Favorite Movies of 2010


Here is a LIST of my ten favorite movies released in 2010.
30th-Jan-2011 10:24 pm - A bit of randomness...

I've been reading up on Dwight Schultz's imdb forums and I've decided to check out some of his other work.  And by other I mean aside from Trek, since I used to watch STTNG and some how never put two and two together to realize he played Murdock.  I guess high school and college really put a toll on my pop trivia useless knowledge.  Since I don't care to check out any of the cartoons he's done voice overs for, I'm going to check out some of his movies.  I need to check my library's database but I was thinking of starting with The Long Walk Home and since I noticed it again while looking up that title (on imdb) the Touched by an Angel episode that he was in.  Seriously, being in and out of college for the better part of the 90s must have fried my brain cells because I don't remember him in that either.

Have any of you ventured out to see some of their other works?  I should add, I saw Battlestar Galectica during it's original run (yes, I'm that old), I don't remember putting two and two together when I watch the A-Team though.  But after seeing the movie and then watching the show again, and refreshing my memory with who was in what other things, I now remember a certain Starbuck before a certain Face.  ;)  And so yes, I totally get the Cylon joke. 

One last thought, to end my ramblings here before this turns into a crazy Murdock type post...  There's a Beatles station online that I've been listening to that's been great to fuel the evil Thursh bunnies (MFU plot bunnies as I call them), I don't know why but the Beatles are a natural fixture, so to speak, with my A-Team fic and any future fics. 

Just thought I'd pass that on to anyone looking for inspiration for their A-Team fics.

P.S. my fic is with my beta, I should poke her to see where she's at with it.  But I will hopefully get it back from her soon so that I can get it posted online.

29th-Jan-2011 06:10 pm - Help finding pictures of Murdock?
A-Team - Face/Murdock otp
First of all, does anyone know where I can find the original of this (it came from a website header) :O

Second, I'm looking for promos or screencaps of Murdock (good quality if possible) from mid-thigh up, standing facing forward or just off to the side (it's for a banner)?

Or pretty much any pictures of Murdock, he's so freakin awesome, I need more pictures of him :D
(if Face happens to be in the pictures, even better ;)
12th-Jan-2011 11:46 am - Any Betas Around?
I'm new to the fandom in terms of writing so I don't know if there's a list of betas somewhere or what.  But I'm almost done with my A-Team fic (no not the crossover with NCIS, but the one that sets up that universe) and was wondering if someone could give it a once over for the characters.  I feel I did them justice (I write MFU and NCIS so I'm not new to fanfic) but my regular beta/publisher isn't familair with the show so she doesn't know the characters in order to tell me they're in or out of character.  So I'm going to get the grammer, spelling and over all writing beta from her.  I thought I'd have someone go over the characters too. 

If not I can live with that, as I feel I've done a good job with them.  Especially since I've been watching the show almost non stop while I wrote this fic.

I should add, I'm looking for a relativly fast turn around on this.  I've been out of work since July but I have two different interviews this week and have a feeling I'm going to be employed again by the end of the month.  So I want this done and off my desk before I start working on it so I can fully focus on it.
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